luni, 20 august 2007

E-card can kill your computer

DENVER (KWGN) — If you've received an E-Card lately you may want to check twice who it's from before you open it. That warm wish may not be from a sender you wish to hear from.
The clue comes in the subject line. The email will read as if it is from from a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend, or an old classmate or colleague.

The Better Business Bureau is warning this E-card scam is actually a way for hackers to get into your computer. First it will install viruses on your hard drive. It will also install spyware on your computer that will scan your machine for personal and financial information.

You are also vulnerable for pop ups, launching adult websites and possibly sending everyone in your address book e-cards that look like they came from you with the virus.

The BBB recommends not opening any E-Cards that look suspicious and deleting them. They also recommend installing Firefox anti-virus software.

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