joi, 23 august 2007

Google's Blogger hit by outage

August 22, 2007 (IDG News Service) -- Google Inc.'s Blogger blog publishing and Blogspot blog-hosting services went offline earlier today. Among the organizations affected by the outage was Google itself, which hosts its official company blogs on Blogspot.

Blogger publishers have posted a rising volume of complaints on the official Blogger discussion forum since Monday, reporting problems editing, publishing and accessing blogs.

However, things apparently took a turn for the worse this morning, when Blogger and Blogspot apparently went offline.

Checks on and a variety of Blogspot-hosted blogs by IDG News Service staffers in different parts of the U.S. and Europe returned server error messages, confirming reports from users in the Blogger discussion forum.

Blogger and Blogspot were back online around 11 a.m. EDT. The outage apparently lasted more than an hour. However, many Blogger publishers have been reporting error messages when trying to perform a variety of operations at least since Monday.

Google didn't respond to a query yesterday about the complaints piling up in the discussion forum, nor did it reply to a request for comment this morning about the service's outage.

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